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Curious IT

Curiosity - the very name of our company is a play on this word and it is for good reason.

Curiosity, the hunger for understanding, is common to everyone who works here and it is key to our particular ability to find unique solutions. As a company we actively encourage enquiry and ongoing learning so that we can always be ahead of the game.

We believe that real success in online business requires an understanding of many different complementary fields - technology, psychology, artistry, marketing etc.


We support a huge range of web and offline technologies and are always keen for new challenges. Our most popular services include:

Outside the Box

We specialise in creating solutions "outside the box". If you have a challenge that cannot be met with existing tools talk to us about how we can help solve your specific technical needs.

Recent Work

Bissell Sales Training USB presentation

Bissell approached us to create an engaging interactive presentation to deliver a large range of information to their retail sales people.

This comprehensive multimedia presentation was optimised to run from a credit card sized USB memory stick.

We are currently working on an international version to deliver it in languages as diverse as Russian, Mandarin & Arabic.